Apr 21, 2017

AC: Earth Day

Love love love
our Planet


We really do have pretty rocks here in Montana
I found a surprise turquoise colored rock in the forest last weekend
I am told it is copper that makes the pretty color:

This past winter saw the end of my bridge, it broke. 
Today I built a new one.
Such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

Now I can walk from the earth on one side of the creek 
to the earth other side, yay! 

Last week I drove an hour north
seeking wildflowers. 
I was delighted to find the lovely Pasque flower and our native bumble bee!

So much love for our planet and all it's wonderful treasures!

This weekend our: ART Challenge 
is being hosted by Lovely Melodye
her theme: Earth Day

Visit her blog to see what others are sharing to celebrate Earth Day.

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visit my photography blog: Spirithelpers 


Apr 18, 2017

Scribble Picnic: ladder

her favorite place to meditate
floating above


this weeks theme for 
treat yourself to a visit to see what others are creating.


I ordered a watercolor sampler
from Legion 
8.8 x 11"
gorgeous papers!

It came in a beautiful folder that feels as though it is made of watercolor paper:

This painting is on Lanaquarelle CP 140#,

it feels rough to the touch, I enjoyed the texture.

I could scrub/lift some paint off better than 
other papers. I would love to work with it again.

Wonderful to try something new
I look forward to trying the other papers. 


Apr 14, 2017

Paint Pary Friday: Spring Eggs

spring begins slowly here
here in the NW corner of Montana

I can tell birds
are building nests
they have me thinking of eggs

which inspired this painting

Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend

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Apr 12, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Rabbit

his heart told him
to wait
that soon the rabbit 
would nibble the carrot
they would be fast friends

Sharing with my art friends at Scribble Picnic
Michael's theme: Rabbit


Apr 5, 2017

Scribble Picnic & PPF: Grandfather Clock

every night after the sun sank
far below the horizon

she would dance

dance with the clocks music

Joining Scribble Picnic
theme: grandfather clock
though with all these pinks and purples
perhaps it is a grandmother's clock

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Grandfather Clock

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