Aug 21, 2016

Deer Man and Little Man

when he saw the little mushroom man
he knelt 
to take him to heart
watch him do his yoga

this painting was partially inspired 
by this antler I found a while ago
they fall off once a year

I hung it on my wood shed
to enjoy it daily

love that it crept into my art

Aug 13, 2016

Aqua Hair

the other night
i took pencil to paper

watercolors followed

always curious
to see who will show up on the page


Aug 3, 2016

Story Tellers

They have so much to tell her!

They told her about the baby merganser ducks
that like to ride on their mothers back:


about the magical pink and purple moss cloaked boulder
in the forest

how under the stars of the night sky
it rises from the earth 
becoming its moonlight form
a rugged man
who waltzes with the trees


Jul 27, 2016

Bear and Birds

most certainly
living with bears,
though i rarely see them
is influencing my days
because i think of them when i walk out my door

they are in my dreams as well

i love thinking how I have seen them eating grass and flowers
and how one might find a bird sitting on them